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If everyone spoke every language, we wouldn't have a need for translators, and there would be less confusion in communication between people and countries. The same holds true for companies and applications. If every application spoke the same language, then sharing information between them would be much easier and less prone for mistakes. The truth, however, is that applications focus on what they've been built for, not for the benefit of other applications, especially those that are in competition. Pervasive specializes in data/application communication through translating application speak with our connectors. These connectors are built to connect to an application or data source, map to the appropriate fields and translate the contents of those fields into information that can be shared with other applications and data sources.This connectivity platform is called Universal CONNECT!™

Pervasive Universal CONNECT!

Universal CONNECT!™ is Pervasive's comprehensive initiative for universal connectivity to all data sources and applications - from legacy to on-premises to SaaS applications, files to databases, Web to mainframe. You'll get complete connectivity to virtually any on-premises or on-demand application or data source.

Whatever it is, Pervasive's mission is to connect to it and integrate it. And with a 29-year history of integration, we almost do.

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