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How Dirty is Your Data?

Clean Data is Reliable Data

The quality of business data directly effects decisions that can make or break an organization. In order to accurately analyze data, you must ensure your data has correct structure, content and quality through a profiling process. Ad hoc queries, reporting tools and other statistical tools are not designed for the data profiling process and drain resources while generating slow and often inaccurate results.


Improve data quality—quickly and affordably.

Pervasive Data Profiler™ is feature rich and highly configurable, including both discovery and validation processes that address all stages of data profiling. The flexibility of the software enables it to access any data source, large or small, and store the information in a central repository. The Pervasive Data Profiler™ graphical interface is easy-to-use, scalable and fast, allowing organizations to identify potential problems quickly before data is affected.


Data Profiler Pie Chart Data Quality Pyramid Data Profiler Bar Chart


Features / Benefits

  • Infinite connectivity to endpoints
  • Frictionless integration with workflows
  • Wizard-driven profile generation for quick data assessment
  • Lightning-fast parallel execution with automatic scaling across multiple CPUs
  • Customizable rules and metrics

If you’re looking to improve data quality as part of a comprehensive data management solution, let Pervasive show you how Data Profiler can provide quickly find bad data so you can reduce costs, increase ROI and improve business decisions. Contact us at 1-888-296-5969 to get started.