Financial Services

Financial Software Data Integration

Integration for the Financial Services World

Risk Management. Customer Intelligence. Straight-Through Processing. Compliance. Single View of the Customer. It all comes down to your data. Pervasive can help you integrate your systems internally and with external agents and partners.

Financial services organizations are under extreme pressure to operate more efficiently, comply with governmental and industry regulations and manage intense operational scrutiny - all while providing increasingly better customer service.

  • Risk & Compliance
  • Fraud & Analytics
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Operational Efficiency

Pervasive's Banking Expertise

Pervasive Software’s integration solutions help Investment Banking, Securities, and Trusts/Credit organizations, with managing distributed systems of record among their enterprise. Banking organizations offer different products/services that exist in multiple system silos, and have a multitude of clients using each service. The end results are issues that impact data volumes, aggregation of legacy data, post-merger & acquisition IT objectives, and maintaining data governance across all business units

  • Data Acquisition: Trading Partner Management, Data Integration
  • Data Governance: Data Quality, Correction, Prevention
  • Data Deployment: Data Warehousing, Query & Reporting, Big Data Challenges

Pervasive's Insurance Expertise

Pervasive Software’s data integration solutions for the insurance industry help with understanding the business risks and business trends across operational, HR, accounting, distribution and policy management systems, etc. To achieve data consolidation across these business units, Insurance providers use Pervasive Software in both the data acquisition and data reporting models. These models drive revenue growth, improve cost controls, increase operational efficiency, promote new product development, and enhance basic services to all stakeholders.