Hybrid Cloud Integration

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451 Research

Why It's Different, How It's Done, and Vendors Offering to Do It

451 Research recently released their integration landscape and competitive assessment titled, “Hybrid Cloud Integration: Why it’s different, how it’s done and vendors offering to do it,” which lists Pervasive among the Market Leaders.

The report describes the proliferation of SaaS services that has allowed business leaders to improve operations and lower costs, but has also caused an integration headache for many IT professionals. The “hybrid cloud” has emerged as the relationship between cloud-based applications that must integrate with existing on-premises applications.

Download this report to read in-depth research on:

  • The definition of hybrid cloud integration and architecture along with its business and IT challenges.
  • The next integration wave as SaaS deployments accelerate.
  • The vendor landscape organized into four classes: market leaders, innovators, disruptors and emergent.

As you evaluate cloud-savvy integration vendors, download this report today to gain a snapshot of the hybrid cloud integration market.