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Data Integration Platform

Onboarding Customers

Integrate across the firewall. Quickly configure and manage processing for diverse, disparate data feeds and multiple methods of communication. Incorporating data quality analysis, Pervasive integration Hub lets you manage onramps with constantly changing business rules while avoiding costly restarts.

Pervasive's lightweight Integration Agents enable rapid integration with applications and data sources—even behind firewalls.

For more information, see Integration for Service Providers

EthosPartners Accelerates Physician Payments by Over 80% with Pervasive Integration Hub. Ethos cut client on-boarding time from 30 days to 5 days and saved over $90,000 on maintenance.
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Information Management highlights a CareMedic® case study where using Pervasive Integration Hub, they were able to support their growth and improve efficiency while handling over 1500 trading partners.
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Benefit Concepts won the 2010 InnovatioNEXT Healthcare award for their use of Pervasive Integration Hub.
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“We were able to cut onboarding time by 80%, improve performance 20x, and reduce maintenance by $90k.  Pervasive gave us everything we needed.  It was easy to use, with a low learning curve.  We are very satisfied with the data performance.”

Darius Hodge
Business Unit Leader
EthosPartners Healthcare Management Group

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