Mike Hoskins on Data Integration

What is data integration anyway, and why is it important?


Data Integration Tools

Flexible Tools for Every Scenario

Comprehensive data integration tools for data migration, data aggregation, ETL (extract, transform and load), application integration (EAI), B2B integration, IaaS and much more.

Pervasive integration products are cost-effective solutions for extraction, transformation and flow of data between sources throughout the organization--on a continuous, event-driven or regularly scheduled basis. Designed to be easy-to-use, our integration tools are functionally designed for the appropriate role - i.e. Business Analysts can design workflows and connect data sources easily and safely.  IT Operations can deploy and manage integrations and server resources, while Admins can control access to the tools and integrations and manage corporate governance policies, all from the same UI.

When speed to solution counts, Pervasive delivers:

For more information, see the Data Integration FAQ

Data Integration Tools