Data Integration Frequently Asked Questions

Pervasive partners, customers and industry analysts answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on their real-life data integration challenges and strategies.

Business Value

  • Integration Hub - What can the Integration Hub do for my business?
  • Value - Aren’t integration projects always huge budget busters?
  • Competitive Edge - Can integration provide me with an edge against my competitors?
  • Build vs. Buy - Does it make more sense to build my own integration tools?
  • ROI - What kind of ROI can I expect from a data integration project?
  • Pain - What is the scope of data integration problems that companies face?
  • Speed to Value - How fast can I get an integration solution implemented?

Usage Scenarios

  • Challenges - What kinds of integration problems do other companies face?
  • Application Integration - Can Pervasive handle complex multi-point integration architectures?
  • BI Analytics - How do I merge disparate data to get the statistics I need?
  • Cloud Integration - Can integration work in a hosted, SaaS model?
  • Data Quality - Is dealing with data quality really necessary in an integration project?
  • Embedding - Can I embed integration capabilities in my software?
  • Saas Integration - Can SaaS applications be integrated with on-premise applications?


  • Connectivity - Can I integrate this particular application or data?
  • Performance - Can I process huge data volumes in a short time?
  • Scalability - What if my data volumes vary wildly, or my business grows rapidly?

Why Pervasive?

  • Competitors - How does Pervasive compare to other integration software?
  • Ease of Use - How difficult is it to build an integration solution with Pervasive?
  • Partnership - What can I expect from a Pervasive partnership?