Because of the agility, the small technical footprint of our integration engine we can run very large integration run-time infrastructures in the cloud for handling any amount of data volume or jobs, but we can also run down the internet wires and stick completely silent, automatically managed integration engines anywhere in the world by the hundreds even thousands."

Mike Hoskins
CTO and GM of Integration Division
Pervasive Software, Inc.


Pervasive's Strategic Alliance Partners

Pervasive partners with leading ERP, CRM, SaaS and database vendors to give customers an inside track in designing and delivering robust application and data integrations for the enterprise. Pervasive software supports Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and point-to-point integration. We've worked closely with these industry leaders to make sure your business-critical integration projects generate a positive ROI as quickly as possible.

Leveraging Pervasive software, our partners play an essential role in making integration projects seamless and painless for thousands of businesses.

For more information about a technology alliance with Pervasive, e-mail the Channel Development Team or call 888.296.5969.

NetSuite Integration

NetSuite's online products and professional services enable thousands of companies worldwide to manage all key business operations, including CRM, ecommerce and ERP, in a single hosted system.

Pervasive takes the complexity and challenges out of your NetSuite integration through:

  • Reliable connectivity
  • No extra hardware or custom coding
  • Fast implementation
  • The ability to migrate hundreds of applications to NetSuite - even legacy systems
  • Batch, real-time and synchronized integration

ForeFront Logo

ForeFront and Pervasive Provide Fast, Flexible NetSuite Integration

With integration of multiple applications in just two weeks, e-commerce site meets tight go-live deadline. View the Case Study


Microsoft Integration

Pervasive and Microsoft deliver integration through nonintrusive, Microsoft-certified automation — batch, real-time, or synchronized updates. Succeed with fast implementations in hours or days. Lower total cost of ownership, highest ROI, guaranteed.

  • Connect business systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP and accounting software.
  • Migrate data from nearly any data source (business, database, CRM, etc.)
  • Synchronize back-office systems through seamless MS Dynamics integration.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft software - Access, Excel, SQL Server and more.

QuickArrow uses Pervasive Salesforce Outbound Message Support to Streamline Bidirectional Integration. Reduces maintenance time by 80%! View the Case Study

Customer Connect LogoCustomer Connect Calls on Pervasive for Complex Data Warehouse and ERP Integration with Glovia Acct. and MS CRM via XML and WSDL. Gains customer success and bottom line results on time and on budget. View the Case Study


Oracle Integration

Pervasive is a validated adapter partner for Oracle Business Integration Products. Oracle refers customers to Pervasive as a key solution for accessing legacy back-end systems and unstructured data sources. Pervasive data adapters access, transform and create composite services for the Oracle BPEL Process Manager and the entire Oracle business integration suite.

  • Data Adapters for Oracle Application Server
  • Composite Data Services for Oracle
  • Universal Accessibility for Oracle BPEL

CPA Global logo CPA Global validates and processes intellectual property data 60 times faster with Pervasive. Processes 20-30,000 records per second while applying almost 700 business rules. View the Case Study

Planview small logo Planview gains competitive advantage with embedded Pervasive integration. Easily demonstrated connectivity seals deals and increases Planview’s competitive edge.View the Case Study


RightNow Integration

How can you get more value from RightNow quickly?

Pervasive helps you maximize the value of RightNow by connecting RightNow to all your data— accounting, ERP, SaaS, MIS, and virtually any other mission-critical business applications, data warehouses, and databases—even legacy data and systems.

Pervasive provides cost-effective instant connection to all RightNow objects, including custom objects, so you can quickly get:

  • Immediate ROI and improved sales growth.
  • Enhanced business processes and business intelligence

Why trust Pervasive with your RightNow integration?

  • A long and successful partnership with RightNow
  • Pervasive has successfully completed a broad range of RightNow& integration projects

CollateralGet a 360 Degree Customer View with Pervasive: RightNow Support to Salesforce CRM

CollateralMigrating to the Next Generation Contact Center Desktop

CollateralPervasive - RightNow Integration


Salesforce Integration

Pervasive is a premiere partner with over 500 Salesforce integrations, migrations, replications and real-time connections. AppExchange certified. Pervasive technology seamlessly connects's online application to various back-end systems. Companies can implement the joint solution in less than 30 days, without relying on expensive outside consultants or lengthy back-end "plumbing" projects.

  • No custom coding, no high costs
  • Robust connectivity to hundreds of applications and data formats
  • Quick deployment and ease of use
  • Painless automation of real-time integration and synchronization
  • Ongoing data refreshes
  • One time data migration to Salesforce

American Innovations Logo

American Innovations Gets Mobile Connectivity between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains with Pervasive. Increased Sales Orders by 15 Percent View the Case Study


Microfinance Information eXchange logo Microfinance Information eXchange Speeds up Data Flow with Cloud-based Integration
MIX leverages the Pervasive Data Integrator™ engine running on Pervasive DataCloud® eliminating the need to deploy integration software locally. View the Case Study

Med Journeys Med Journeys Information Integration for the Future
Faster integration build and automated import of salesforce data with Pervasive DataCloud. View the Case Study


SAP Integration

Pervasive and SAP work together to automatically leverage SAP data across the enterprise to improve customer-centricity, sales productivity and operational efficiency. Pervasive offers SAP integration through adapter solutions that are easy to use and quick to deploy.

  • BAPI and iDoc level connectivity
  • CRM and SAP customer, invoice and product data synchronization
  • SAP and Salesforce integration

Planview small logo Planview Gains Competitive Advantage with Embedded Pervasive Integration. Easily demonstrated connectivity seals deals and increases Planview’s competitive edge.View the Case Study

Ceridian  Ceridian Solves the "Three Cs" – Complexity, Change and Compliance – with Pervasive Data Integrator. Reduces implementation times from a year to a few weeks and takes control of customer experience. View the Case Study