Pervasive allows us to take some of the ‘world’s ugliest data’ and turn it into structured data that can be used in a downstream processes. In New Jersey, we’ve taken legacy data, Excel files, and third-party data and made it useful. New Jersey is now on the leading edge in terms of first aid tracking and analysis."

Dave Herman
President & CEO

Michael Hoskins on Data Quality

How dirty is your data, and what can you do about it?


Data Quality

Data Quality Profiling and Data Remediation

Pervasive provides lightning fast parallel data quality profiling, data quality analysis, de-duping, powerful data remediation, and address and other content verification and enhancement.

Transform Data into Data You Can Trust

Data Quality Profiling and Data Remediation

Automated Data Quality Assessment

Knowing your data quality can be the key to a successful data migration, ETL, or application integration project. Pervasive Data Profiler™provides the statistical analysis of your data that allows you to build automated data remediation, validation and repair using Pervasive Data Integrator™.

Profiling can also provide accurate project estimates by letting you know the problems with your data up front, rather than being blindsided by cost and time overruns later in the project.

For more information, see Pervasive Data Profiler™

Find and Merge Duplicates

Pervasive Data MatchMerge™ provides a comprehensive solution for inaccurate, inconsistent and duplicate data. This problem is nearly ubiquitous, and difficult to resolve, especially in very large datasets. This data matching and record merging solution leverages Pervasive Data Integrator™ as the underlying technology platform. Data Integrator provides an extremely powerful and easy-to-implement data cleansing and standardization platform.

Pervasive Data MatchMerge adds additional advanced and tunable algorithms for identifying potentially duplicate data, and an easy-to-use user interface to make "deduping" a breeze.

  • Fast, precise results for immediate ROI
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Better reporting and business analysis
  • One accurate customer view
  • Successful marketing campaigns
  • Fraud detection and prevention to eliminate high costs

For more information, see Pervasive Data MatchMerge™

Contact Verification and Data Enhancement

Verify that your customer, vendor, and supplier addresses and phone numbers are valid.

Data quality isn’t just about solving for inaccurate, inconsistent and duplicate data. When you need to append, update, or cleanse data, use Pervasive partners' content libraries. Integrating any partner or proprietary content library means no more "garbage in." As your data is extracted and profiled, Pervasive's integration process can access any external content to fill in the gaps and enrich your data. Fill out incomplete addresses, add GEO codes to auto-assign accounts to reps, fix bad SKUs, add NAICS or DUNS codes, basically anything you need to complete your data BEFORE inserting it into your final destination.

Data Quality Firewall

Pervasive creates a barrier that makes certain that data is clean and complete before it allows the data to enter your database.

For more information, see Content Libraries

Automated Data Profiling & Processing

As part of an integration process flow, Pervasive Data Profiler can split incoming data into passed and failed records based on any single or multiple data quality criteria you establish, whether it's business logic such as "only customers with over $100K/year income," or data logic like "only records with valid transaction dates." Passed records can immediately be loaded into your system.

Records that fail any or all of your criteria can simultaneously be remediated.You establish the data remediation rules necessary - such as "delete duplicates" or insert a default value in required fields that are blank" - to improve data quality and make that data usable. Any records that can't automatically be repaired can be sent to a reject file for human intervention.

For more information, see Pervasive Data Profiler™