Because of the agility, the small technical footprint of our integration engine we can run very large integration run-time infrastructures in the cloud for handling any amount of data volume or jobs, but we can also run down the internet wires and stick completely silent, automatically managed integration engines anywhere in the world by the hundreds even thousands."

Mike Hoskins
CTO and General Manager of Integration Division
Pervasive Software, Inc.

Move, Connect, Protect

Cloud / CRM Application Data Lifecycle


#1 in Cloud Data Integration

Move, Connect, Protect

Free yourself from complicated data management solutions. Simplify with bundled solutions to tackle the challenges of moving, connecting and protecting your data.

Pervasive offers bundled solutions for CRM and Cloud Application Data Services Lifecycles. From migrating and assessing data to ensuring data quality and removing duplicates, Pervasive handles it all.

CRM Application Data Services Lifecycle

Cloud Application Data Services Lifecycle


Pervasive Move Phase 1 of the CRM/Cloud Application Data Services Lifecycle often involves migrating the data you need out of existing systems without loss or risk, check for data problems, and merge duplicates.
Pervasive Connect Typically phase 2 of the CRM/Cloud Application Data Services Lifecycle involves integrating the application to all sources of data and any other systems needed for business processes such as order fulfillment, payment processing, and billing.
In phase 3 and beyond, measures are often put into place to validate the accuracy of your cloud application data, enhance it, and protect it from new duplicate data or incomplete entry.