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CSC’s core integration expertise, combined with Pervasive’s extensive data translation experience, complete with complex mapping and HIPAA rules definition, enabled CSC to provide New York State with the nation’s first HIPAA-compliant Medicaid system.”

John Palter
Senior Partner and Program Architect

The process of loading the data is down to two hours. We now pull files from a secure FTP server, decrypt, stage, transform and load them to our SQL databases without the need for human manipulation. This significantly reduces the time required to process data, and the data itself is inherently more secure. All this compared to a process that was taking 7 to 10 days to load custom data files.” 

Steve Hromyko
ETL Manager
LifeMasters Supported Selfcare, Inc.


Solutions for Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare providers, payers and claims processors alike are experiencing tremendous challenges in today's economy. Organizations are under pressure to deliver better service, comply with stringent government and industry regulations, and keep costs contained.

Pervasive has a long history of helping healthcare organizations manage their interoperability problems. For example, Pervasive enabled New York State to become the very first state to meet the federal HIPAA mandate for its Medicaid system. Over four million transactions per week now flow through Pervasive's interoperability engine.

Pervasive offers support for a wide variety of healthcare data formats and virtually every healthcare compliance requirement and message format - as well as rapid interoperability with healthcare applications such as EMR, PMS, Rx, LIS, HIS, RIS and others.

Deliver Superior Service, Reduce Inefficiencies and Fraud

Health plans, managed care organizations, and third-party administrators such as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, and WellPoint use Pervasive to take costs out of interoperability internally and with partners for reliable and HIPAA-compliant claims data. Real-time access to information improves payers ability to adapt plans and services to meet the need of clients.

Deliver Superior Patient Care

Healthcare professionals need access to better data to reduce medical errors, facilitate claims submission, and improve clinical outcomes. Healthcare providers such as Intermountain Healthcare, Mountain States Health, NHS, and Patient Care use Pervasive interoperability solutions to connect to and access a comprehensive view of critical patient data.

Accelerate Revenue Recognition

Pervasive’s healthcare platform enables you to seamlessly connect virtually all healthcare data and message formats, while meeting compliance requirements and saving you time and money.

"Pervasive cut new customer on-ramp times by 80%, IT maintenance costs by $120,000+, and processing times by 1600%."

Senior Systems Analyst, EthosPartners Healthcare Management Group

Optimize 4010 to 5010 transactions to optimize revenue cycle management!
Since different trading partners will transition at different times, you’ll need to continue to support 4010A transactions while moving to 5010 transactions. Pervasive’s 4010 to 5010 Solution will get you there faster, freeing resources for optimizing revenue cycle management during the transition to 5010.

EthosPartners Accelerates Physician Payments by Over 80% with Pervasive Integration Hub. Ethos cut client on-boarding time from 30 days to 5 days and saved over $90,000 on maintenance.
View the Case Study.

Information Management highlights a CareMedic® case study where using Pervasive Integration Hub, they were able to support their growth and improve efficiency while handling over 1500 trading partners.
View the Case Study.

Accelerate Customer On-boarding & HIPAA Compliant Claims Processing

The ability to rapidly on-board customers and easily manage any kind of electronic data transmission is critical for claims processors, clearinghouses and other service providers. Even "standards" often support different versions of the same message, and differences in the way a standard is implemented can result in integration complexity. Evolving standards and new transaction sets add additional dimensions to an already challenging situation.

For more information, see Pervasive Integration Hub™

Differentiate Your Healthcare Solutions

The ability of healthcare applications and medical devices to interoperate quickly and easily with other applications and devices is a critical requirement of any vendor's product.

Pervasive has helped healthcare ISVs and organizations like Cerner, McKesson and many others quickly meet all kinds of interoperability and regulatory challenges. And Pervasive Integration is the number one provider of embeddable solutions to independent software vendors for application and data interoperability.

For more information, see Integration for ISVs

Healthcare Connectivity

Through the power of UniversalCONNECT!, Pervasive provides interoperability with thousands of Healthcare software packages and file formats:

PMS - Ideal, Misys Vision, NextGen, Gem, Centricity, Cerner, McKesson, and many more

LIS - LabDaq, Cyberlab, Cerner, CPSI, Centricity, IntelliLab, Keane, McKesson, Meditech, Misys, Affinity, SoftLab, Siemens, and many more

Rx - Epic, McKesson, Cerner, Centricity, Siemens, EpicRx, Eclipsys, Meditech, Mediware, Praxis, and many more

HIS - McKesson, Cerner, Eclipsys, Epic, Siemens, Meditech, and many more

EMR - Epic, Allscripts, Greenway, Nextgen, CCA Medical, Experior, KeyMedical, Management Plus, Medflow, Medinformatix, and many more

RIS - Epic, Siemens, Cerner, eSys, IDX, InStar, Merge, Misys, GE, and many more

EDI - HIPAA 4010A/5010, HL7, CMS, HCFA, UB, NCPDP, HL7v3(XML), and many more

For more information, see Universal CONNECT!™