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Pervasive's Partner Program is all about making our partners successful. We have a variety of partnerships to help your company become more profitable.


Partnership Opportunities

Pervasive's flexible integration solutions allow many partners to use, OEM, re-sell, and integrate Pervasive solutions. Here is a quick break-down and description for each of the types of partners, followed by the specific guidelines for your partner type. For more information regarding your partnership, contact your Pervasive Account Executive or contact our Partner Enablement Team or call 1-800-296-5969.

  • Technology Alliance - Partners that come together with technology of their own, and partners with Pervasive technology to offer a joint product or solution.
  • Strategic Alliance - Industry-leading CRM, ERP, SaaS, and DB vendors that Pervasive works closely with to accelerate solution deployment and adoption.
  • System Integrators - Providers with deep vertical expertise that use Pervasive solutions in providing services.
  • ISV/Cloud - ISV/Cloud partners embed/OEM Pervasive technology into their own software offerings. Pervasive technology is white-boxed or re-branded as the partner's.
  • Service Provider - A Business Service Provider (BSP), or BPO, provides any kind of services to their customers using Pervasive solutions.
  • Galaxy Seller - Any person or group that develops and sells "code" (i.e. maps, templates, connectors, etc.) in the Galaxy store, AND does not have any kind of partner agreement executed with Pervasive.

Proven ISV Integration Solution

Pervasive is a proven solution for ISVs - we have been helping ISVs become more successful for 25 years now. With more ISVs embedding Pervasive than any other integration solution, we know what it takes. Our solution will fit your business model, can be hidden or rebranded, and can be deployed quickly and easily.

ISVs can use integration technologies to:

  • Drive increased revenue
  • Grow market share & awareness
  • Future-proof solution offerings

ISVs can:

  • Reduce developer costs
  • Speed time-to-market
  • Improve go to market strategies.
Pervasive No. 1 in ISV and SaaS Integration

Integration solutions can be deployed on-premises, deployed alongside your application, embedded inside your application, or offered as a cloud-based solution. 

White Papers

EMA - The Search for the Elusive ROI - Tracking Down Value in a Jungle of Enterprise Management Products

Pervasive - Universal SaaS and On-Premises Platform

For companies that provide data processing services to other companies, such as payroll processing, insurance claims processing, business intelligence, and such, major challenges include:

  • Managing sometimes hundreds of data feeds from clients, vendors, and other parties
  • On-ramping new customers rapidly to reduce revenue deferral
  • Handling hundreds of disparate, and often non-standard data formats.

Pervasive helped many companies through these same difficulties, and realized there was a need for a solution. Pervasive Integration Hub™, a packaged technology and services solution, was created specifically to help BSPs.

Create a trading partner data hub with one master process. Easily manage files through an automated process of retrieving customer data, transforming it according to specified business rules and formatting parameters, and loading it into target repositories and processing applications–all through an easy-to-use GUI. 

  • Easy configuration management – Add and maintain hundreds of trading partner and other data-feed parameters
  • Save hundreds of development hours – Leverage Pervasive Professional Services' best practices in product implementation
  • High Data Reliability – Robust error detection included, and the logging thread tracks the status of the last successful step and allows the user to restart from that point.
  • Notifications – Updates to the control table allow for basic reporting and notifications to system administrators or other key parties on the success and failures at run time

Service Provider Success Story

EthosPartners Healthcare Management Group's time to onboard clients was reduced by over 80%, throughput improved by 1600%, and maintenance costs reduced by over $90,000. View the Case Study

For more information, see Integration Solutions for Service Providers.

System integrators and Pervasive make an unstoppable team

Thought-leading system integrators can achieve market agility and competitive advantages by leveraging Pervasive. Pervasive seeks solution-oriented system integrators with proficiencies in vertical industries (e.g. Healthcare or Telecommunications ) and application focus areas (e.g. Business Intelligence or CRM).

Pervasive provides qualifying partners with the programs, technology, training and support required to achieve total success.

Some Featured Pervasive Certified System Integrators:

Astadia is a key partner for, Eloqua, Right90, and many other top SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies, they improve customer lifecycle management in marketing, sales, and customer service – the functional areas that most companies move to the Cloud first.
Visit Astadia now
  ClearTask is a consulting partner offering a full range of Salesforce implementation services. The company has developed a suite of products and created a set of implementation best practices to help companies unlock the full potential of Salesforce.
Visit ClearTask now
As a certified consulting partner with Pervasive & , CloudTrigger leverages the platform to help clients design, develop and deploy business solutions that meet their current and future business challenges to remain competitive.
Visit CloudTrigger now
EC Wise helps you to define your enterprise vision and to match it with the right IT investment. They offer a wealth of experience translating business goals to software at all levels, from the user interface down through the database.
Visit EC Wise now
Electronic Knowledge Interchange (EKI) is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering measurable business value to mid to large size corporate and government organizations. We partner with value-minded executives to optimize business, information and technology for high-impact results.
Visit Electronic Knowledge Interchange now
EnablePath is in the business of helping companies implement (or optimize) to map to their unique business processes for greater productivity. This can include basic CRM set up and user training as well as extensive customization and integrations with supporting technologies.
Visit EnablePath now
As a long-standing Oracle Partner, eVerge Group delivers world-class consulting services with the highest level of expertise and the widest range of flexibility. Our consultants are all Oracle-certified with solid technical experience, broad functional knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.
Visit eVerge now
ForeFront is a leader in cloud services integration. They provide agile, proven and custom business solutions and services. They offer a small, smart and swift Team approach to each client engagement. They bring a strategic and practical perspective on what works - and what doesn't.
Visit ForeFront now
Intelenex is an Information Technology consulting practice that fuses information systems and business understanding into one solution. We help organizations focus their IT investments on areas that will dramatically improve the operating performance of the business. Intelenex is a Platinum Partner with Oracle.
Visit Intelenex now
Keystone Business Services is a technology consulting and integration firm specialized in deploying and supporting on-demand software, also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Keystone has a proven track record of implementing and supporting complex, mission-critical processes that leverage SaaS solutions such as NetSuite and
Visit Keystone Business Services now
red sky Red Sky Solutions offers implementation and consulting services focused around CRM solutions. As a premiere, certified partner of for over 8 years, we provide the right balance of hands-on implementation, guidance and expertise to ensure the solution is aligned with your business requirements, while still being sensitive to your bottom line investment.
Visit Red Sky Solutions now
Relationship One Relationship One is a revenue performance management consulting firm that enables sales and marketing teams to achieve their demand generation and customer marketing goals using Eloqua and sales force automation / CRM systems.
Visit Relationship One now
Shift CRM is a certified consulting partner founded by former employees with over 40 years of combined Salesforce implementation experience. Shift CRM's mission is to partner with clients for the long-term and ensure ongoing success with Salesforce and the platform.
Visit Shift CRM now

Sixred is a service company focused on solutions for CRM and ERP implementations. They pride themselves on matching the right technology with your unique business needs. Sixred is a strategic partner of Netsuite & Open Air.
Visit Sixred now

Pervasive's Strategic Partners

Pervasive partners with leading ERP, CRM, SaaS and database vendors to give customers an inside track in designing and delivering robust application and data integrations for the enterprise. Pervasive software supports Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and point-to-point integration. We've worked closely with these industry leaders to make sure your business-critical integration projects generate a positive ROI as quickly as possible.

Leveraging Pervasive software, our partners play an essential role in making integration projects seamless and painless for thousands of businesses.


Technology Alliance Partners

Pervasive works with technology companies to position strategic solutions to customers. These solutions are typically joint product offerings from Pervasive and the partner, sold by and sometimes branded by the Partner.  For more information or help contact or 512-231-6819.  

Galaxy Partner/Seller

Pervasive Galaxy™ is a crowdsourcing/community platform—built by Pervasive for and with our partners -- that collapses boundaries between B2B producers and buyers, enabling simple, profitable convergence through faster market and social connection. We've created Galaxy to allow our ISV/SaaS and SI partners to turn cloud integration into a revenue engine.

What can I sell on Pervasive Galaxy?

Pervasive Galaxy Partners (Sellers) can sell Pre-Packaged Solutions, Connectors, Plug-ins and/or Templates:
  • A “Pre-Packaged Solution” is a product that provides a turn-key project with a point to point integration.
All solutions are delivered with their own engine either through Pervasive DataCloud®, or the Pervasive DataCloud Agent for on-premises integrations, and provide all the tools needed to run.
  • A “Connector” is an easy to install source or target adapter that allows users to connect to an application, file or database for use in Pervasive Data Integrator’s™ Map Designer.
Connectors allow users to pick their application file or database and begin mapping from a source field to target field in seconds.
  • A “Plug-in” is an easy to install component that enable users to take advantage of external workflow tools within Pervasive Data Integrator’s Process Designer.
When creating a workflow, users may require steps involving emailFTP, web service calls, queuing systems and more; “Plug-Ins” will reduce their custom coding, making it simple and easy to add flexibility and functionality to workflows.
  •  A “Template” is a pre-created workflow and/or map that allows users to reduce the set-up needed when starting on a project.
How do Pervasive Galaxy Partners get paid?
A Pervasive Galaxy Partner (“Seller”) will receive a percentage of revenue from the sale of one of their components.

How Do I Apply?

Email or apply online. You can also call us at 1-800-296-5969.



What can I expect from a Pervasive partnership?